Chiropractic Fees – Consultation Clinic Fees

It is possible to reduce the cost of treatment by booking a pre-paid careplan.
They are valid for up to four (4) years from starting treatment.
There is no charge for rearranging appointment.
Care plan Discounts12 Treatments (£31.50 each, Total saving of £42.00) £378.0024 Treatments (£29.75 each, Total saving of £125.00) £714.00 36 Treatments £1008 (£28.00 each, Total saving of £252.00) £1008.00
It is important to understand that you may require more or less sessions than the Careplans provide, so they can be renewed or if you wish to use less or cancel the plan then a refund for the unused treatment sessions can be awarded. In this eventuality, a cancellation of the plan returns the fee status to the original £35 so any refund will be calculated at this cost. You must tell us of you would like a refund of treatments not used.It is your responsibility (not Weston Chiropractic) to inform the clinic if you wosh to have a refund of your pre-paid treatment. The clinic will keep your balance safe and a refund will be given upon notification.We accept cash, cheque, debit and credit cards.
Chiropractic Costs Fees

Retail Products

Pain Relief Gel x 1 /2 £3.50/£6.00

Glucosamine £10.00 – £14.00

Ice Packs £5.00

Elbow Support £12.00

Orthotics (slim fit, regular workforce, sports) £15.00 – £25.00