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Chiropractic is an independent primary healthcare profession specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of biomechanical disorders. Such disorders may reveal themselves as pain in the spine and other in joints of the body often giving rise to low back pain, neck pain, headaches and dizziness. Pain or sensation changes in the arms and legs usually have their origins in dysfunction of the spine, which causes irritation to the nervous system.


Chiropractic Treatments


Treatment consists of very specific and precise “adjustments” of problem joints. The adjustments are done by hand and are not painful. Some of the treatment techniques produce the sound of a “click” or “pop” from the joint, which may be a new experience for the patient, yet harmless. Treatment restores normal function of the joints, whereby irritation to the nervous system is alleviated. The aim of treatment is not only to relieve symptoms but also restore and maintain optimum health. Treatment is offered only after a thorough consultation with the patient, during which details of the patient’s medical history are recorded. This is followed by a physical examination (women are provided with a gown) including chiropractic, orthopaedic and neurological procedures as well as a x-ray examination, if indicated. Once a specific diagnosis has been made, the problem is explained in detail including the treatment required. On average you are likely to visit your Chiropractor between 6 and10 times, less in a condition caught early.


Who can benefit?

All ages can benefit from chiropractic care – from babies at just a couple of weeks old to people well into their nineties. In most cases, the pain and disability is caused by the same mechanism regardless of age. We all sustain minor injuries during our path through life- most of which are correctable by specific chiropractic treatment. Arthritis may render joints more likely to dysfunction but in terms of treatment these problems can still be improved with specific chiropractic adjustments. A recent study conducted by the Medical Research Council showed that patients who receive chiropractic treatment for lower back pain experience a greater reduction of disability than those who attend hospital outpatient departments. The benefit of chiropractic treatment care was also longer lasting.

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