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Massage – With Dianne Carr

Benefits of Sports Massage

On the Muscular System: Reduced muscle tension and spasms Reduced fibrous/fascial adhesions, reducing pain and discomfort Increased mobility and range of movement Reduced DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) after physical exertion On the Skin: Improved elasticity and skin condition Increased nutrient and oxygen supply Reduction in dry/cracked skin

On the Lymphatic System: Improved drainage of superficial and deep tissues Increased removal of metabolic waste from the tissues Increased lymphatic flow and lymphocyte production   On the Neuroendocrine System: Stimulation of hormone release to balance ANS Stimulation of nerve endings, inducing muscle relaxation

The Stress Response

When put under physical/mental stress the body produces hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline to increase heart rate and blood pressure to cope with the situation. If this stressful situation goes unresolved for over 15 minutes, the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol is produced to over-ride the inhibitory effects of adrenal release to maintain the stress response. Elevated cortisol levels can lead to disrupted sleep patterns, immunity issues, weight issues, and cardiovascular and gastrointestinal problems. Massage encourages vasodilation or peripheral vessels, reducing blood pressure. This off-sets the effects of the adrenal response and alters the feedback loop controlling cortisol release, therefore inhibiting the stress response and regaining homeostatic balance.

  • Dianne Carr
    Dianne CarrMassageMy name is Diane Carr, I have been working at Weston Chiropractic Clinic since January 2015 as a Massage Therapist. Massages with Dianne Weston-super-Mare. I am qualified to Itec Level 4 in Sports Massage, which covers deep tissue work and exercises to aid injury recovery. I am also qualified in Indian Head Massage which is beneficial for people who suffer with migraines or headaches. I can work with patients in conjunction with chiropractic care or as stand alone or independent approach. I have work with sports teams such as Hornets Rugby Club, during training evenings and match days. Preparing the team for matches and training, dealing with injuries sustained on the pitch and strapping weak areas to prevent further injury. I enjoy working as part of a team at the Clinic offering patients and clients the best in care. The clinic is approved by most insurance companies.

    “Massage has had a positive effect on every medical treatment we have looked at.”

    Tiffany Field (PhD)

    Massage Treatments

        Massage treatments and Therapies for muscles, bad backs, necks, shoulder pain and post injury. A Pure massage relieves tension and stimulates the muscles, helping with your breathing, circulation and muscle tone. Strengthening your immune system at the same time.

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